Data Science to boost your sales performance


Market data

Hundreds of data sources


We connect our platform with your ERPs and CRMs to gather historical data


Intelligente applied to create market&sales insights


Our system creates suggestions for your sales and marketing teams

All companies from your country

Information to find new leads

We have information of hundreds of million of companies around the world. With our software you can filter and segment the data.

Spider Web

Big data for the web

We analyze millions of web pages every month. You can find contacts such as email, phone and social networks. Beyond that is also possible to find which technologies each website uses.


Information in your hand

LIDIA is our chatbot. She helps your sales rep with relevant information about prospects and customer base.


Insights to boost cross and upselling

One of the best ways to increase the bottom line is through cross and upselling. With MIX.IA we use AI to identify new business opportunities for within your customer base.

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